Case Study 1 : Simple WordPress Comments

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After a recent uptake in student blogging we noticed a correlated increase in tickets querying what settings were required to turn on comments properly.

It was also noted that several of the blogs were indeed setup incorrectly and although comments were enabled, comment moderation was also enabled which was NOT required as the blog was within a trusted community.

I arranged a user testing session for 6 users (3 students, 3 academics), setup a default wordpress blog and asked them to do a couple of tasks i.e.

  • Setup the comments so that existing users of the blog can post comments without moderation
  • Find a way of being alerted when a new comment is posted

I facilitated the session, observed screen interactions and followed up some simple interview style questions e.g. ‘Where was the first place you thought to look to do task A’

The results were fed into a UI sprint and the following simple widget was proposed, designed and underwent usability testing.